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GRANT FUNDED: LJH Robot Reimagined

Posted Date: 04/07/2021

GRANT FUNDED:  LJH Robot Reimagined

Celia Davis, Livingston Junior High Technology teacher launched a project on Donors Choose, a website to help teachers fund projects for the classroom.  The project was for six classroom robots in the amount of $2,972 with an appeal to donors to, “Help me give my students the ability that extends far beyond the classroom to foster and continue their excitement in robotics. These robotic kits provide the needed tools for them to discover engineering and coding while having fun.”

   Ms. Davis’ Robotic Class includes some of the first students at Livingston Junior High as part of a pilot program to bridge the gap from playing with robots, at an elementary level to coding and building fully functional robots for competition at the High School level. She shares, “This brand new program has incited so much interest, my classes are full of young eager students just itching to build their first robot.”

   Her students have a thirst for knowledge to learn about the world of robotics and increasing resourcefulness to take robotics further into the world of post-pandemic.  “Their spark of creativity burns brightest when they are involved in hands-on, active, engaging projects and challenges that allow them to think outside the box to find solutions.  My students enjoy the opportunity to grow, thrive, and plan for a better future. They see their future in technology and robotics.

   FIRST® LEGO® League encourages a hands-on approach to inspire their innovations in critical thinking, coding, and design disguised as fun.

   The project allows students to engage in modern-day STEM problems where they will design, build, and test solutions. They will apply the design method to accomplish their goal for a solution and then present it to a remote audience. They will apply critical thinking using STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), and students will be engaged in solving and producing a prototype as a solution. The Robotics kits contain all of the necessary components, motors, wires, and parts needed for the students to create robots to their specifications.”

   “We are so grateful for the donors funding the robotics class, this is helping students to achieve abilities that extend far beyond the classroom. The contributions will help nurture and continue their excitement in robotics.”